Vauxhall Accident Repair Centre

Vauxhall Approved Repairer

Whether its minor cosmetic damage or a more substantial structural repair, Fylde Coast ARC have the advanced tools, equipment and trained technicians to ensure your Vauxhall's integrity is maintained using the recommended Vauxhall materials and repair methods.

  • Vauxhall Repair Authenticity Guarantee ensures vehicle has been repaired to the right standard
  • Technicians trained and assessed/qualified by Vauxhall factory trainers
  • Genuine Vauxhall parts that provide unparalleled quality and react as they should in the event of a second accident
  • Vauxhall approved Paint & Materials that have been tested at length for quality including anti-corrosion properties
  • The latest Vauxhall approved repair methods and techniques will be used on their vehicle.
  • Repair methods are updated throughout their lifetime.
  • Vauxhall tools & equipment are used to ensure the right repair, first time
  • Vauxhall diagnostic equipment and software (ODIS) used to diagnose faults prior to repair and ensure all safety systems are working correctly at the end of the repair.
  • Road tests to fully ensure the vehicle is safe for you and your family
  • A Vehicle Damage Consultant will discuss the repair plan with you
  • Vauxhall ADAS Calibration using Vauxhall equipment

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